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This game is AWESOME! You can wear clothes and other people vote in a fashion show!😻👏👍🤪😜🙃❤️❤️❤️😇

I like this and should change

Hello my name is Jaslene and the things that Iove about this game is everything and the cute clothes bommm . And the thing you should change are there should not be clothes that are locked. And other things that are locked because that doesn’t make you get all of your 5 star rating so can you have no locked thing this game will make it better. So I hope you respond or not have locked things ( please) .💖💖💗💖💗🎉👌🤞

The bomb

This game is the bomb. You get to dress the girl and have competitions with other people. Hope whoever is reading this gets the game

Fun to play but...

I love this game but the only thing that it’s not fun there was a contest called sportive and the sport store you have to pay for it what!? That was my personal favorite there was aslo a contest called dance party and the zaza store you have to pay for it what!? That was my favorite dress store aslo make the sport store the zaza store and the hair salon free if every thing is not in app purchases then I would rate it 5 stars make everything free! I’m begging you!

Um..WTH!! fun and all but like the competitions if it rich then a person that’s poor wins in 1st place!! And we are ugly!! No offense

Best game ever

I’ve got to play the game for about two minutes and I love it. It’s so much fun to play and it is so kid appropriate and I can't stop playing it because it’s to much fun. I just got a new favorite app (that is how much it is)P.S a kid is writing this.

Free stuff

I love this but you guys need to give out like stuff like coins outfit make up etc. and you need to lower everything before sales well you just need to lower everything

Game time

It’s cool and fun thanks for not being like all the other games it doesn’t charge much

Mall girl

So awesome and a very fun game to play

GOOD but…

This game is good but you need to buy stores to go to sometimes


The game is amazing and addictive in my opinion. I love all the beautiful clothes in the game. But WHY THE ADS. Right after I make an outfit I get an ad RIGHT AFTER LIKE 2 MINUTES it really annoying considering the game is amazing and all the but the ads is just really annoying I don’t really see the point in that. That’s why I rate this game a 4

Make more things free

You should make more of the things free

Love it

Best game ever


Shopping in this app is awesome when I found this app it was a Miracle and I Love this app

About This Game

It’s so fun & cool because you can do whatever you want & hav fun always.

My little ladies

They love this game to the max! I played it once as well. Not bad, not bad at all COCO.


It’s harder than it looks



Load faster

You guys need your game to download faster or I will delete you

ميرا ستارز

كلش حلوة كتيييييييير لازم تنزلوها ممتعة ومسلية كتييييير لا تفوتوها


Klll,la ok this is so cool


If the game is for kids how are they supposed to buy items on here it’s kid friendly right???kids should be able to play without having to purchase items like everyone of your game pretty much!!!

I bought the full version

So, the game is a good game and the concept seems amazing but somethings in this game just don’t make sense. First, there are fashion contests with themes and most of the winners never fit the theme. For example I can have the beach theme and the first place winner is wearing a prom dress. Second, if I go to chic cuts to do my hair, afterwards it takes me to a personal shopper. But If i pick an outfit it changes my hair. So there was no point of doing my hair. Third, if I go to my personal shopper afterwards it takes me to do my make up but when I finish for some reason the color in my hair is gone. For example if I have blue hair it goes back to blonde after I do my make up. Someone needs to fix it it’s really frustrating. I don’t recommend the full version because it’s not fun after you have unlimited money.

My review

This is a cool game

Need more pretty clothes


Just a little question

Can you change your hair even if you don't pay money otherwise it's a very fun app good job


I ❤️this game so much because you get to Shop but it cost 💰 but it is still great 👍 I give a 5👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Poor boys

Why are the boys struggling 😐????dispointed

Why Pay?

This game is very fun, I must say. But what is with all the ads, and having to pay like $9 just to open all the shops? When I played this last year, you didn’t have to pay for the hair salon, but now you do? What’s up with that?!

I love it and all, but the outfits bother me

You can’t try out outfits before buying them. You literally can’t. And if you accidentally click an outfit bc your finger slipped, you end up buying that too. It really bothers me because sometimes I’m trying to match up a top and a bottom and I need to try the look out before deciding whether or not it’s worth the 300 coins but as soon as I click on the item, whether it be a skirt or shirt or something along that line, I buy it and if it doesn’t look good I’m stuck with a bad outfit and no more money to create a better one.


Totally fun to help a girl get an outfit... my sister won’t let me dress her like this!!! Love!!


Amazing game I love to play your games all day



I love it 💕💕❤️❤️💞💞

I love this game I wanted to give it a 100stars because it’s really cool and fun.

It is Great

I think the game is fair you can earn your clothes or you can buy a pass and the money last longer and you have a choice to remove ads that’s what I like about the game and you can do different fun stuff 💜

Great game

It is a quite entertaining game..I like it..a lot!!👍🏻

The. Best

I love this app!!!

It ok

I feel like it is like all the other games making you pay for everything 🙄but it is fun for my daughters and keeps them Entertain for couples for minute😀 so it is good ❤️and bad😬🙄at the same time

This game is fine

OK so used to play this game all the time but I wanted to do the spa do her hair and shop at other shops and not have to wait five hours to do the personal shopper this game is fine I guess

Fun treat

You get to know how to look,great💩😃😍


i think you should make the categories free or you have to pay for them like the Chic Cuts you have to pay money either have it free or have us pay with our COINS

Good game, needs more diversity.

Because I love shopping and playing around with outfits,this game was very fun for me. However, while I was playing I noticed that most of the characters, if not all, were white. I think adding more diversity to the game would really turn around my mindset and hopefully many others on the game. Thanks, Madeline.


You have to buy every thing I thought you could do#NO😭☹️🤯😤😠

It’s great but...

Hey, I love it but I just wish things were free because I want to change my character’s hair but it was locked and I need to pay to unlock it but my mom and dad won’t do it so please make more things free! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Best salon game I have ever played!!!

It’s so fun I love the way they did this there are categories for the fashion show you dress up best game ever I recommend you get this totally fine for all ages I would say best game ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗

Mall girl

It’s awesome you guys should get it!

is Good boat I don’t Like this dress 😐👗👡💃


To Co Co

I love all of your games. Love Vanessa 🦄😘😍❤️💕💖🤑🌈🏳️‍🌈

About mall girl

Mall girl is great game for girls


if I was the girl I would shop all day! Because some and a lot Of people like going shopping! All I would shop for is cute Clothes! And about it I don’t care about wasting money all I want is too Have fun and I like the makeup and and the outfits at personal Shopper so I will give this five stars it is super fun!

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